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June 14, 2024


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You are right about that! I can't wait. 27 games in 2025. I'm going to get season tickets and walk to all the games. BTW, it is a gross exaggeration to say "part of the expansion would be on Bush Park." Willamette has had a small easement on park land for years that is going to be extended just slightly. Everyone should look at the photo of this in the Salem Reporter article. The Parks Board is recommending that Willamette be required to use its parking lots for games and provide shuttle service and parking attendants. That will go a long way to solving concerns about parking. And here is the best choice for the team name: SALEM ANGRY OWLS!

I feel it is very curious that American Legion baseball has been kept out of this discussion. The program has been in the Salem community for nearly 50 years formally known as Cook stationary and now the Withnell Dodgers. This organization is a tenant of the Willamette Stadium and has had a partnership With the university for years. I am available to discuss. Legion needs for the future. I support the program of expansion. I understand fully the difficulties that and the impact on the community.

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