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February 14, 2023


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As I told a friend who sent me the Hersh post:

“Interesting. I’m very conflicted.

If the Ukrainians, Finns, Estonians, Lithuanians, Poles, Moldovans, Czechs or any of a dozen others (Green Party groups) did it, I’d be cheering the destruction of fossil fuel infrastructure intended to spread and perpetuate use of fossil fuels forever.

But the story says Ted Cruz was against Nord Stream as well, so you see my conflict.“

Also, one of the best analyses of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is here:


Also, this guy, original Moldovan, now a math teacher in Baltimore, is the BEST source of really understanding the stakes and the themes. This thread reader app will let you read his extended threads for years back, and it’s just amazingly insightful to read from a native of that part of the world. Highly highly recommended.


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