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January 25, 2023


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We should send all our tanks to Ukraine. Why do we need them? Is Canada or Mexico going to invade any time soon? :-)

Why can't USA fight the war directly? Atleast it will end sooner and the world will see a few nuclear weapons being used!

The war in Ukraine, started by the US in early 2014 on behalf of US billionaires who own the US bomb factories, promoted by the bought-and-paid-for congress and so-called “news” outlets, carried out by CIA-trained Nazis in Ukraine, is aimed at destroying Russia, which has been a primary US goal for many decades. The US oligarchs, along with Wall Street billionaires, have been slavering since WWII to tear Russia apart so that they can get their greedy paws on the vast and valuable natural resources under Russia’s soil.

To be able to do so, they want US missiles parked on Russia's borders, five minutes or less away from Moscow, a threat to Russia's very existence, just as those Russian missiles in Cuba posed an existential threat to the US in 1962. They're using those Ukrainian nazis to carry out that threat, but Russia is not about to permit yet another Nazi horde to endanger its country or its people -- not since 1941, for an absolute certainty.

And that’s what it’s all about . . .

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