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November 07, 2022


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Brian Hines, Pollyanna

“For example, most people would say that if they became a quadriplegic, losing the use of their arms and legs, life wouldn't be worth living. However, when quadriplegics were asked if life was worth living, the majority said “Yes.”"

Brian, you are the last person I would think Pollyannish, but there, I’ve said it.

Perhaps you would say ‘stoic.’ In the etymological balance, I think Pollyanna is a closer fit than Marcus Aurelius, that other, older political junkie.

If you spent any time at Auschwitz or examined life in Germany after 1933, and used it as a template for the power behind the Republican Party, you’d find the shoe fits pretty well, in which case I’m not sure the answer would be an unequivocal ‘yes’.

Anxiety is not angst. In Oregon, Dems may still end up with legislative majorities, though probably not with super majorities. If 113 fails, R’s can stonewall and walk out, and Drazen can veto whatever comes to her desk. Without supermajorities, D’s are going to be in deep in it, and Oregon could find itself on the cusp of turning red. The optimism I had a month ago is rapidly fading. We are assuredly going to lose the US House, and the Senate is far too close for comfort. At which point anxiety and angst turn into anguish and despair.

Democrats stand for things; Republicans are more in the mold of “Blame It on Cain,” Elvis Costello’s song in which “It’s nobody’s fault, but we need somebody to burn.”

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