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September 15, 2022


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Totally agree! We received two phone calls on our landline late at night, both of them almost unintelligible robocalls reciting at breakneck speed a series of evacuation instructions and referring us to a URL for more information...a very long URL that was impossible to understand or write down quickly enough. We live at the outer edge of the 4-6 mile distance from that particular fire, but I don't know how it was determined that we should receive calls at that number or why anyone thinks the messages we received constitute an appropriate emergency notification.

Between this and the disappointing response by parties tasked with communicating and providing assistance after the 2020 wildfires, I have concluded that we will be on our own should we happen to be alive when the big subduction earthquake occurs. There will be no useful information provided in a timely and effective manner, and if anyone ever does come to the mid-valley to help survivors, it won't be for *years.*

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