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September 17, 2022


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What an intellectually vapid and frightening article. To wit (one of just many; why waste the time on the intellectually dishonest):

'The Oregonian story describes Rufo. Rufo, who lives in Gig Harbor, Washington, is a controversial figure who makes frequent appearances on the Fox News Channel and who, as The New York Times noted, is a conservative activist “who probably more than any other person made critical race theory a rallying cry on the right -- and who has become, to some on the left, an agitator of intolerance.” So in no way is Rufo a scholar of our nation's early history, or a respected commentator on childhood education regarding gender issues. Maher offered a platform to a controversial conservative.

Who gives a rat's azz what the leftist propaganda rag thinks about Rufo. Is one article by a biased left wing reporter "evidence?" Apparently to the writer of this article it is (quick! delete my comment!) And then you cite the NYT. Really? The paper of Jayson Blair? The paper of Pulitzer winner Walter "I don't see no stinkin' starving kulaks in Stalin's Ukraine" Duranty? The paper of Arnett's "We have to destroy the village to save it" scam? Maybe you can quote Dan "I found a memo" Rather, or Tom "I was shot at" Brokaw as well?

And so it is a rallying cry. Maybe it should be.

And then there's this gem: "So in no way is Rufo a scholar of our nation's early history, or a respected commentator on childhood education regarding gender issues. Maher offered a platform to a controversial conservative."

Maybe your authorities are the two heads of the teachers' union who had their "I stand with Ukraine" flag UPSIDE DOWN. And who is a "respected commentator?" Someone you agree with? Rather, and argument hangs on its own merit, regardless of who said it. As Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman said "Science (and by extension all else) is a process for learning about nature in which competing ideas about how the world works are measured against observations.”

People of all generations and cultures are quite aware that there is a range of masculinity and feminity within people. That's why we have words like "macho" - to distinguish men who are on the upper continuum of testosterone. But the truth is, we are ALL XX or XY chromosomes (yes, there are some rare genetic issues. And one of them is my friend, who is ALL male, and a Swedish marine). I am no more female, despite having more empathy than the average male, than I am a horse or a dolphin

I strongly encourage you to question your questions, and quit drinking the PC/Woke Kool-Aide.

Oh yes, it wasn't Kool-Aide, it was actually Flavor-Aide; and yes, Jim Jones was an ardent leftist, who actually was heavily involved in the people who brought the likes, a generation later, of Kamala Harris.

Article is a grade C, credit at least for going to research the source document.

Entertainers like Bill Maher are paid to generate views and buzz. They don't care what their content is as long as it does those two things. He is no better than any of the other leeches without conscience (on the left, the right, and in between) who make a living shoveling slop to the masses. It's disappointing how many otherwise intelligent people fall for the scheme. My grandpa used to describe this kind of programming as "flimflam for the witless." I was surprised to learn as an adult that he was right!

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