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June 27, 2022


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Proponents of abortion rights are fond of saying, "My body, my choice". However, there is someone else's body in the mix. Somebody, other than the mother, is developing inside of them. What about their body and their choice? What if our mothers decided to abort us?

How would the infinite chain of reactions been changed due to our absence, anyone's absence? It can be seen at one level that if anything changes, everything changes. Everyone affects everything. So, abortion is a big deal. Literally, a Universal decision. One not to be taken lightly, imo. There is no easy answer or this debate would not have been going on almost since the advent of pregnancy.

Sure, there are many factors such as rape, illness, inconvenience, finances, error, carelessness, opinion, judgement and so on. In Spanish the word for being pregnant is "embarazada" which probably has the same root as "embarrassed" in English. Everybody knows what you have been doing. So, in a personal, mundane frame of reference abortion may sometimes appear to be the right answer.

What is the right answer? There may not be one. Current physics shows there are few absolutes. There may be one absolute.. Everything affects everything.

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