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May 07, 2022


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How many casualties does Paige Clarkson and staff have in her BOOK OF DEATH?

What is the "Good News" that the Apostles wrote can be trusted because it wasn't in their psychology to lie and play intellectually dishonest word games, socializing.

What an enormous responsibility-- label, "criminal", "felon," would have on a person's prospects for work, housing, and stability; It is not a "win" to seek maximum convictions, bearing false witness as to no reasonable doubt.

It's interesting to watch how lightly a person's made into a felon with no evidence by Ms. Clarkson, another Willamette University Alumni and published (history) professor. We hope she feels alive kicking people's lives, demanding a false-confession (for a WIN).

I look in disbelief at how this Accuser and her party add a name in her BOOK OF DEATH. It's the best show in town to observe. And on that last day, will she be remembered.

Pray the Air Force Command gets the 4 branches of Patriot Act in line

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