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April 11, 2022


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Please do not confuse democracy and fraternal selection.

The $1,000,000 spent was a decision by the national DEM fraternity as to whom they believe belongs in their fraternity. In our electronic, instant communication, value divided world that is how the big parties play. Local politics, even ethnic diversity politics as you so aptly highlight come in second.

As for a level party playing field, did the six other candidates ask for national party funding? Why or why not?

The final decision remains local. Ballots are cast in Oregon by registered Democrats.

Rather then expressing concern about whose coffers are filled by outside players may I suggest you direct your focus towards a preferred candidate and work towards their election rather than highlighting wrongs of a cash democracy. Alternatively, join the effort to overturn "Citizens United."

In the big picture of national politics the idea that a candidate is best for Oregon and best for the United States comes in second fiddle to who is best for the party organization I lead. I refer you to Donald Trump, the Koch brothers and other financially well off examples of candidate endorsement.

Get real, Brian; we live in a cash-is-king political environment that can even erode the historical value of incumbency.

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