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March 04, 2022


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We kill our children, so as to not kill our rich and powerful.

Putin is one man. His support staff are all humans.

Going to war is stupid, and merely perpetuates the problem generationally. War has echos that get passed on to the children of tomorrow. It creates future “terrorists” and extremists. People broken and disenchanted from a unified society. People who will hurt and are hurting, that justify inflicting pain on others based upon the pains they have suffered at the hands of those affiliated with that other group.

No one ever simply advocates for the death of one, it’s always about the deaths of our fodder population, the lower classes, our young, our dumb, and our desperate.

Screw being a Warhawk. Just assassinate as a sanctioned action of the UN the common threat to our societies. How long would it really take? Why can’t we as a civilized national simply act rationally and fix the real problems. I argue it’s because of the precedent. All leaders want to be considered “untouchable” like freaking mob bosses, so they won’t sanction such a simple act. That’s why the US offered Zelensky a ride out, that’s why the president of Afghanistan was allowed to leave the country, it’s why through our history rich and powerful men were granted amnesty from going down with the ship.

The year is 2022. Why the fuck are we sending our lower classes to kill people and to die?

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