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February 24, 2022


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The Truth About Russia and Ukraine

The US is the most ill-informed and the most ill-governed nation that one could possibly imagine.

For eight, long ghastly years – from 2014 to the present day – Ukrainian nazi forces have waged war against the ethnic Russian population of the Donbass, raining artillery fire down on residential neighborhoods, slaughtering thousands of civilians, wounding many more and destroying homes and businesses.

The response of US “news” agencies, along with the entire US government?


The US turned a blind eye and a deaf ear.

Finally, just a few days ago, the people of the Donbass appealed to Russia for protection. Russia responded as any civilized nation would do, and suddenly the US took notice, raging against the Russian rescuers in full-throated support of Ukraine’s nazis.

Hardly surprising – after all it was US agents who in 2014 managed the overthrow of the freely elected, democratic government of Ukraine, replacing it with a government filled with neo-nazis. Those same nazis immediately announced their intention to slaughter or drive out the ethnic Russian populations of Crimea and the Donbass.

(Should you doubt it, take a look at this –


– and then please act accordingly.)

If you want the truth about the current situation in Ukraine, go here --

and here --

You won't get it from our government, or our "news" media, or from the millions of sheep who follow blindly wherever the Empire of Lies wants to lead them.

“b,” the proprietor of moonofalabama.org, and Andrei Raevsky, the proprietor of thesaker.is, are both retired military analysts. They know what they’re writing about.



I will never, ever be able to erase from my mind the images of those dozens and dozens of people who, in 2014, were burned alive in the Odessa Trade Unions building by Ukie nazis, or of what was done to them before they died.

The Russian government and military conducted lengthy and very detailed investigations, and they know who the perpetrators were. (Some of them were actually dumb enough to video themselves and post the videos on line!) The guilty will be caught and dealt with, with the possible exception of those who have been given sanctuary in that light-of-the-world nation between Canada and Mexico.

Russia has a very clear, indelible memory of what happened in 1941. They have made the irrevocable decision never again to allow nazi forces anywhere near their borders or their bordering nations.

From the perspective of the warped demagogue Putin, his move into Ukraine now is indeed a smart move. Trump is absolutely correct. By saying Putin is smart does not at all mean the invasion is "fine and dandy" with him. Trump never said anything to that effect. That is wild and unfounded speculation and distortion by the blog host.

It just means that Trump thinks Putin is smart in the sense of clever or shrewd, but not necessarily wise (if one can understand the distinction between the meaning of those terms). Putin has long sought to reunify and even expand the former USSR and conditions were ripe to add one more piece of the puzzle. The USA is under weak and incompetent leadership who foolishly cut off their own oil supply which, besides creating inflation at home, made it impossible to supplement Europe's energy needs for which they are now dependent on Putin. This raises the price of Russian oil thus enriching Putin's coffers and finances his war effort.

With stupid leadership like we have in the US right now why should Putin fear a strong, effective reprisal from the US? Yes, Putin is evil but he is smart to see the time is ripe to further his ambitions.

Such a good time for political nonsense. All Biden's fault. If Trump were in office, there would not have been an invasion. All would be peachy. All speculation and beside the point. The battle between dictatorships and quasi democratic governments, which are still relatively new, historically speaking, has now captured the world's attention.

The current conflict began in 2014 (see Wiki for background). Since then, Russian backed separatists have fought for control in Eastern Ukraine and, although 14,000 lives were lost, many of the battles were small (with police stations, representing government in small towns ,sometimes changing hands from day to day). Separatists fought as stridently as Ukrainians are now fighting. When the Soviet Union broke up, factory farms and manufacturing collapsed in these areas. Sources of what little wealth remained was concentrated in and around Moscow. Areas such as Eastern Ukraine struggled even more than they did during the Soviet era. They were on their own. Many became nostalgic for the past.

Western Ukraine is becoming more European and Eastern Ukraine remains largely committed to the ideals of the defunct Russian Republic. It will take some real diplomatic magic to pull this rabbit out of the hat. If the current conflict blows up, all bets are off.

Whether one supports dictatorships or quasi democracies will depend on one's circumstances and values. It seems that most people prefer greater freedom from authority, but Putin has 75% support within his state media controlled environment. Constitutional democracies willl need to more faithfully live up to their founding principles if they want to recapture the hope that they offered to the world - a world that is becoming more and more dangerous and seems to be caught up within the forces of entropy.

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