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February 10, 2022


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There are far too many red flags in this case. And the fact that it’s almost a week later and we still have no answers, is very upsetting. The community is upset by this senseless killing. Richard looked out for other homeless people in the neighborhood. People considered him a friend, and he was treated like trash.

The grand jury findings have been released. The Police on site were not aware of his previous contacts nor mental health. He had a gun ( pellet) and apparently used it in a threatening manner and was angrily non-compliant and provocative manner. The Police were justified, the fault is with the NRA, & anti-government promotion of guns that make cops aware of confronting a deadly threat any time an angry person is confronted. We allow this here, sadly. Too many guns, too much fear of government, not enough good training in de-escalation. We need a new attitude about peaceful interpersonal relations.

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