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January 31, 2022


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I totally agree with the correlation you made between present events in the Ukraine and historical events regarding Hitler and Czechoslovakia. If Putin gets an inch (Crimea) but nobody raises too much of a fuss, then he'll take a mile (Ukraine?).

Also, with respect to Crimea: Putin employed an old Soviet style tactic of information suppression, but with a 21st-century twist. He cut the international internet cable(s) in Crimea during the invasion in 2014. The rest of the world may have paid attention for a news cycle or two, but with little information getting out, the rest of the world rolled over and went back to sleep. I suspect the same will be true if/when he invades Ukraine and that is, of course, exactly what Putin wants.


Why You Should be Worried About the US Attacking Russia



And please do take note that the Atlantic Council (source of the initial screed, above) is a rabid, Russo-phobic attack dog formed and launched against Russia on behalf of the MIC and those who profit from wars -- any war, any where, any time -- as long as they can make a buck or two from the blood of those who do the dying.

To avoid drowning under the tsunami of lies from the US warmongering class and the so-called "journalists" whose job it is to make up and spread those lies as far and as widely as possible, spend some time here --

-- www.moonofalabama.org --

I guarantee it will be an eye-opening experience, populated as it is by (mostly) highly informed and knowledgeable members of the site who spend a great deal of their time dissecting and/or exploding those lies in great detail.

Remember, a mind is a terrible thing to close . . .

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