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January 07, 2022


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I could have liked the guy — despite my deep skepticism of people who have never even been elected to their neighborhood association board thinking that they are gubernatorial or senatorial materials (like Chris Dudley and Bud Pierce) — but the more he talks the less I am reachable, at least until 2024 or later.

And his latest bit is pure Trump — as Wonkette says, it’s pretty Trumpy of him to think that he and he alone determines his residency, just as Trump said that his net worth depended on his feelings at any given moment. Why doesn’t he just run for State Senate or House and show us that he’s capable of working in public office even if it isn’t in a starring role? Maybe he’d be good at it. But maybe he’s more ego than anything else, and he’s convinced himself that he’s what Oregon needs, even if Oregonians are too dumb to appreciate that. It’s just not a good look.,

When Knute Beuhler thought he was SoS material, I said “Come back when you’ve shown something more than your own self-regard,” Hat’s off to Beuhler, he actually did. Kristof should do the same.

And of course, his tax returns are the tell (as in refusing to produce them). You know that if he had been classifying himself as an Oregon resident all these years, we’d be seeing those tax returns on every channel night and day.

Betsy Johnson is heavily donated to by gas & oil companies, the fishing industry, and the timber industry. All three industries are ruining our state and causing harm internationally. We have cities who no longer have clean water, or are incurring huge costs to offset the damage the timber industry has to their water supplies.

She’s a Republican in all but official affiliation and is being funded by them.

There is a lot of political Tom foolery that happens in our government. I’ve witnessed enough to know there are back door deals which are not done in good faith. Unfortunately this happens as the heads of government agencies are appointed by elected officials who get their position based upon their network and the supporters of their network.

That’s not a “deep state” that’s just how organizational structures work. My recollection is that “deep state” refers to a shadow government or some such nonsense, usually it’s insinuated that it’s run by federal intelligence agencies. Similar to Russia and their KGB.

Regarding Kristoff, he didn’t say “deep state” and it’s not really a fair thing to cast his comment as such. Is he a viable canidate? Beats me. I’m not entirely sure I want to vote for somebody funded by the Melinda Gates when she and her folks Used to donate to ALEC, the foundation responsible for writing stand your ground laws/honor killing laws.

Residency is much more complicated of a legal matter than a drivers license or voter registration. I don’t have enough facts about the situation to form an educated opinion myself. It’s certainly controversial though and it removes a serious outside competitor of the business as usual crowd. Without regard for whether it is a politically motivated government action, it’s pretty convenient for Kotek.

So to end my rant, I don’t think your portrayal is totally fair. I do enjoy your writings though.

As others here pointed out, Nikolas Kristof never said "Deep State."

It's end-state TDS when progressives peg Trump rhetoric to other progressives.

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