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January 13, 2022


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Brian --

One thing that you must remember and keep in mind at all times when discussing or thinking about Biden: He is a Republican. He has always been a Republican.

He had the misfortune, when he first decided that he wanted to run for public office, of living in an area where it was simply impossible for Republicans to get elected to anything, so he had to pretend to be a Democrat. He has been pretending ever since.

All over the interwebs, there are long lists of Biden's campaign promises that he has already broken. None of them come anywhere close to including all of the promises he's broken. Here's just one of those lists, for example:


Oh, and one of the most important broken promises of all, here --


Give Biden the majorities in the House and Senate that LBJ had, along with the much stronger party discipline of pre-PAC-dominated campaign financing, and Biden _would_ be LBJ. Biden’s presidency has been poised on the knife’s edge of a 50-50 Senate and narrow House majority since Day 1, and now people for whom instant gratification isn’t soon enough are throwing up their hands, not even one year into a term spent dealing with an unprecedented wreck of a prior administration that was actively seeking to overthrow Democracy and with a GOP that has remained 100% united in support of dismantling majority rule in America.

and . . .

Joe Biden has spent his entire political career making life miserable for desperate people who cannot fight back.

Here's another example:

and yet another . . .

More than 18 years ago, Elizabeth Warren published a multi-count indictment of Joe Biden's legislative and political history.

It was actually titled:

Harvard Law School Public Law
Research Paper No. 032

What is a Women's Issue?
Bankruptcy, Commercial Law and
Other Gender-Neutral Topics

by Elizabeth Warren
Harvard Women's Law Journal Vol. 23, Spring, 2002

Considering that Biden was named (not favorably) 40 times (25 times in the text and 15 times in footnotes) in the 56-page document, it's clear that she intended to make a very strong point about Biden's lack of concern for women, children, debtors and the entire non-privileged portion of the US population.

The paper can be accessed here:

If for some reason you cannot access the entire document from the site, I have the original pdf.

Mitch McConnell told us exactly how his strategy works: Make government look dysfunctional and get the media to blast the Dem president for failing to secure "unity."

It's working. Three new polls show Biden slipping badly with core Dem groups and indys:

Opinion | Mitch McConnell’s plan is working
How McConnell's obstruction playbook really works for Republicans.

By the way, the above is a quoted tweet from Greg Sergeant — I thought it would display as a quote and show his authorship.

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