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December 08, 2021


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Good analysis Brian. I believe Powers is working with the Mayor and the Police Chief right now to undermine the Council majority's call to establish CAHOOTS-style mobile response units in the city. The Budget Committee approved some money for a pilot project this year and now the City has grant fund available, but nothing is happening. Instead of mobile response units that could reduce police call volume by 20% as it does in Eugene, the Mayor wants to hire 60 new officers at a cost of many millions.

Fun fact, Salem does have a train, and it often doesn't run on time.

But that's more an Amtrak issue then city manager issue

Steve Powers is my sixth City Manager since I got involved in City issues back in 1998. He is not the worst and not the best, but he has done a good job in my opinion. He has had some of the most difficult issues to deal with than any of his predecessors. Water crisis, homelessness, Covid, budget shortfall are significant and he had managed them well. Too often he does not put out all of the details that might help people understand the complexity, but behind the scenes he is working hard for good long-term solutions. Does he wear his passion on his sleeve? I agree, no. He just exudes confidence and competence. You, Brian, as others are harsh critics. That is ok as I am a taskmaster too. But on balance, Steve Powers has done a lot of good things in his time and deserves some respect.

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