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October 11, 2021


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Thanks Brian! I am anticipating that the SPD survey will be totally gamed by the police union and the SPD Foundation to come out the way SPD leadership wants it to come out. Union members will take the survey multiple times. Obviously a more sound methodology would have been to not allow the survey to be taken more than once and to indicate that employees of the SPD were not to take the survey. They could have required a name and email address with each survey response to enforce the latter.

Response to Brian and Mr. Scheppke:

In other words, the survey is completely, utterly, altogether and in all ways bogus, and intended to deceive the population.

I won't even bother to read it, but I am curious; is there any mention of the department's coddling of Loud Boys, Naxis, Ku Kluxers and other violent psychopaths?

Shall we all assume the questionnaire will be fixed and offered to us in a second attempt?

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