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October 28, 2021


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"So somehow we have to maintain our commitment to social justice, while accepting that our political opponents -- who may have a very different view of what that justice consists of -- are equally entitled to participate in our democracy."

Wise words, Brian. Finding equilibrium without demonizing the other side who often chooses to claim clarity and a truth in opposition to your point of view is hard but useful work.

Yea I actually agree with this idea. It is the common practice in both parties to view the other side as being "Evil" or "Ignorant" or "Trumpists/Leftists".
Of course I don't agree with everything a progressive believes, likely not even a tenth of their beliefs, yet for Democracy to be here for the coming generations we MUST get back to the middle ground, the absolutes of this once beautiful American Idea.
The problem is, and I'm going to upset a few folks here and that's okay, those on the progressive side of the aisle have simply gone way too far. Nobody in their right mind could truthfully argue otherwise.
What this causes is exactly what we seen in 2016, and likely to see again in 2024...the Americans who feel underrepresented stand up in a huge way and participate in the Democratic process by voting and electing in this case Donald Trump.
And what did we hear and see from the other side? Doubling down in their rhetoric, actions and quite frankly attacks on the very Democratic Process we speak of.
Another major problem with our politics is the lack of Accountability, fair accountability... The lack in discernment and discontent from the Media is what is causing a ton of problems. Whether it's the bought and paid for state ran media outlets CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC or the overly conservative outlet of FOX News, having no faith in our media is putting a huge scar upon our faith in elected officials and the election process as a whole.
But there is Great News that I must share.
Look at the voting totals of 2016 and 2020... Wow just look at those numbers! Am I really afraid of the whole Republic going down due to inactivity, or even over activity of an uninformed citizen body? Absolutely not. And the numbers back this up.
We have got to be atleast hopeful in the amount of political interest because it shows just how broad the political beliefs are spread out around the citizen voting body. You simply cannot have that many participants voting to not have a humongous wide range of beliefs and viewpoints. The very thing needed for our Republic to get through this rough patch of the "Loud" Hyper Partisanship.
What is very terrifying is the voting process in itself. Whether or not you agree, there is a major amount of citizens who lost faith in the election process in 2020. And it's not simply because Donald Trump lost, although some would like to claim this. It's because of the wacky, weird, deceptive, hyper partisan, violent, chaotic, govt overreaching year 2020 was as a whole.
Another major factor was the state elected legislature being over ruled by state attorneys and governorships... Anyone that denies this of happening are either willingly deceptive or just not informed with facts.

Either way I'm bout done, thanks for the opportunity to comment on your great post and whichever way things go my brothers and sister Americans, may God have mercy on us all and God Bless This Wonderful Beautifully Flawed Nation we call home, America!

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