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September 07, 2021


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I’m a non-affiliated voter, so don’t have a partisan stake in the redistributing, but the proposed Democratic congressional map is gerrymandered to a ridiculous degree. Putting east Portland in the same congressional district with Bend? Come on. These are the partisan stunts that undermine credibility.

Ben, given a choice between credibility and keeping Republicans from taking over the House in 2022, I choose the latter. Yes, like I said in this post, it would be nice if every state had wonderfully unbiased maps of congressional districts.

But the Supreme Court has said that drawing those districts with political considerations in mind is legal. Republicans are taking advantage of this. It makes no sense for Democrats to bend over backwards to do the right thing when Republicans are using every bit of political power available to them.

This is one way democracies die. The pro-democracy side relies on reason and fairness, while the anti-democracy side relies on raw power and scheming. I don't like the idea of Democrats surrendering the redistricting battlefield, since that likely will mean Republicans win the congressional war.

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