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September 18, 2021


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Try not to worry too much. The "fate of human civilization" will not be determined by the actions (or lack of actions) taken by Salem government.

It is really not necessary or useful to take such a global perspective. It should be enough to simply do what we can do without experiencing any sense of inadequacy or failure.

The "progressive" Council's acceptance of the status quo should be informative. If they choose to reject radical changes that some demand, it should not be seen as merely a consequence of the strength of the dominating minority. It should be seen as an indication that they realize that the minority (which is vastly more experienced) understands that major changes to the system are not only impractical but would result in hurricane force political blowback.

There certainly are actions that can be taken to lower the carbon footprint but good transportation policy must provide safe travel that supports commerce (congestion relief). Transportation design and safety considerations are complex. When people propose simplified solutions, like "the less pavement, the better" or "the more electronic monitoring, the safer", then they lose credibility in the eyes of those who know that it is just not that simple.

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