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August 22, 2021


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Thank you, Blogger Brian, for expressing you thoughts and sharing Mr. Roberts words.

David Roberts's words are blunt. The sentiment is disquieting, The fact remains, U.S. military hubris, even with good intentions, is arrogant and flawed. The British did not win in Afghanistan. The Soviets did not win in Afghanistan. The U.S. did not win in Afghanistan.

Even with the foreign invaders pushed out the tribal conflicts and theological differences will continue. Afghanistan has long been an aggregation is fiefdoms. That will not change in the immediate future.

I joined the military in 2008. I was homeless, had no path forward, and was suicidal.

The military provided me opportunity to succeed, a college degree, special perks, job opportunities, and severe physical disabilities which cause me constant never ending pain.

You would look at me on the street, and see a middle age adult. You don’t see the herniated discs, the reconstructed shoulder, the severe arthritis, the reduced lung capacity which requires daily steroid usage, or the relationship destroying toxicity that is PTSD.

Pain which often brought me to tears because I would fight the pain for hours to console my infant in my arms.

Trauma that keeps me from going to kids birthday parties or chucky cheese. screaming children causes the hair on my skin to stand up and for me to dissociate from reality while fighting flashbacks with grounding techniques.

In 2012 I was sitting in a laundry mat washing the comforter for my bed. Obama was on the news and had stated we were going to pull out of the Middle East. I broke down and I wept. The idea that we would stop throwing people like me into positions where we hurt people who are different for money. Where people like me are put under the leadership of sociopaths who gravitate to positions with low oversight and high levels of power.

I wept because for the first time in my life, over 4 years into my time in the service, for the first time I felt true unbridled hop for humanity. For my society and my future.

It took 9 years. 9 fucking years. But it’s done, or will be shortly. I have spent many days lately in sheer rage when I turn on any news source, whether it be NPR or local news. Paid and sponsored content arguing about how terrible it is that we leave a country we had no right to be in. Interviews from veterans talking about how we should still be there. But nothing from the other side. From people like me who see our occupation of these countries as merely another atrocity under the belt of my motherland.

General Smedley Butler said war is a racket. 100 years later it as just as true today. I hope someday we can stop killing people who are different for economic benefit.

The goal of the Afghan war was to spend money on arms and contractors, not to help the people of Afghanistan. The goal was achieved with trillions spent killing and destroying a society.
I asked numerous very conservative friends if we should have been in any wars after WW2. So far, every conservative has agreed that we should not have been in any of the wars. Maybe they won't believe the lies from our government when the media and government try to get us into another war.

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