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July 20, 2021


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I didn’t stop wearing my mask for the most part. We have many family members who refuse the vaccine. And now someone close to the family has died. I am terrified for my daughter and grandchildren.

I'm with you Brian. The situation here in Marion County is even worse because only 51% percent are vaccinated and vaccinations appear to have reached a plateau. Multnomah and Washington Counties are at 65%. Too many stupid Fox-watching Rs here still. If you look at the Facebook page of the Marion County Rs they are all about not getting a vaccine. And the Republican Marion County Commissioners, who are supposed to be in charge of public heath, don't talk about COVID and don't get reports on it at their meetings anymore. We may be heading for another lockdown and no school thanks to these idiots.

You mention the "conservative lie that freedom means never having to be vaccinated". Might I suggest substituting the term "Republican" for "conservative" as the later has nothing to do with the former. Except for this small semantic matter I strongly agree with your essay. The actions-or rather inactions-of our stupid and ignorant trump acolytes is endangering our entire population, most seriously children for whom currently there is no vaccination available. Yes, many of these morons will pay a horrible price for their stupidity (saying nothing of the people they're likely to infect) but its increasingly clear that we, ie the rest of us, need to impose serious social and economic sanctions on them.

A wise decision Blogger Brian.

The Boston Globe offers a credible rationale. Cape Cod is seeing a resurgence of COVID cases that include individuals fully vaccinated.

Thanks to the Republican party, its incumbent politicians and its brain-dead constituents, we can now expect two things to happen:

A) There will be a significant drop in the number of live Trump supporters, especially in the slave states, and –

B) There will be a significant rise in the nation’s average IQ level.

(p.s. This will not affect the dead Trump supporters who vote in Arizona’s elections.)

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