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June 26, 2021


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When I started college 53 years ago, all students were required to take the introductory science class. I clearly remember how the instructor emphasized the importance of tipping points. I can still picture the image of a broken circle made up of broad arrows. Within the breaks were events and conditions and it was clearly explained how one event led to the next. I also recall that it was explained why the process tends to be irreversible. We have already reached some tipping points. Some are more important than others. It is now a matter of just trying to slow the process and find ways to survive in the dystopian future. Modern technology has brought us things that previously only existed in the minds of science fiction writers. I think that we can adjust to most anything aside from major stuff like meteors and nuclear weapons. No non-toxic ground water - no problem. No atmosphere - no problem. There is a reason why some seemingly eccentric oligarchs are thinking off-planet. They understand that we are quickly approaching the point where life as we know it will be only a memory. Also, it seems that the rate of approach is more geometric than linear.
But don't freak out. Continue with tiny gestures. It is better than just doing nothing and people need hope, even when that hope is more like wishful thinking.

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