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June 01, 2021


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In 2003 the Texas Democrats left for Oklahoma to avoid voting for a gerrymandering of the Texas Congressional Districts that gave Republicans an outsized number of districts compared to the popular vote. Keep in mind something similar happens here in Oregon. Currently the Democrats have 4 of the 5 Congressional Districts even though they do not get 80% of the votes in those races. I think it is very problematic giving the drawing of districts to politicians because each of the two major parties will try to game the system.

You did not do anything wrong. You just failed to thoroughly understand and explain the basis for your position.
I believe that ends justify means only in case of emergency. The actions being taken to disenfranchise voters can legitimately be considered an emergency. The Oregon obstruction cannot.
There are always gray areas but one must sometimes take a firm position. In this case, it is more than just a difference in values. This matter is an issue of fundamental importance.
As to your comment about protests in the street, I think that, like the permit matter, your position was tribalistic, unnecessary, and tends to damage your credibility while providing ammunition for critics.

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