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May 26, 2021


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Complicating factors:
Councilor Andersen is uncomfortable with ignoring a circuit court decision (there may be repercussions).
Someone that counts recently claimed that there would be no arrests. If true, what will compel departures? Asking nicely? Threats? Prizes?
Last but not least, Biden's intent to increase the availability of vouchers is currently irrelevant in the Salem area. The maximum limit is so low that one is unlikely to find an eligible unit and if one is found, there will be a long wait because rents are simply much higher that the maximum. Due to inflation and increasing demand, this situation can only get worse.
Neo liberals and persons of authority will continue to be somewhat personally insulated from the effects but the more substantial responses that we have been seeing lately suggests that the comfort level is diminishing. It will not take too many persons breaking into their cars or crapping on their lawns to convert bleeding heart liberals into bleed 'em out liberals.

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