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May 01, 2021


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Hmmm, so the Proud Boys used a taxpayer funded place for free; if only there was a name for this type of economic system. Then proceeded to decide who got to use the taxpayer provided space and denied people while wearing military style gear and weapons; if only there was a name for this type of "governance."

One of two things. Either Salem PD stand WITH or in SUPPORT of the Proud Boys, therefore ignoring their job responsibilities due to political motivations OR They are butt hurt still that so many people are tired of their shenanigans and are calling for police reform, so they are ignoring their responsibilities to their community out of willful disregard so they can "Show Them what will happen if they redirect funds from the police" Either way, they are using their employment and positions of power, to bully their communities for speaking out or speaking up. I mean,.. any other job and that kind of childish behavior would get you fired. I guess we not only pay for their job,.. but we employ their fragile egos also. How about this,.. If you don't want to do your job AND follow the rules, quit and find a new line of work. It's summer,.. go be a fire fighter,.. everyone loves firefighters,... or,.. gym instructors, doubt you could handle anything customer service related based on your previous work performance, but we can find you something to do.

It's clear that the Salem police department has been infiltrated and taken over by these nazis, ku kluxers and other assorted sturmabteilung (brownshirt) psychopaths whose heads are filled with hatred, a room-temperature IQ and a white-hot resentment of anyone who is smarter and more knowledgeable than they are.

This is how it starts; this is how it started in Nazi Germany. If the city council does not take action to clean out the SPD and get these murderous morons under control then we will, eventually, see random mob beatings, followed by random murders, followed by mass murders, with the police standing by encouragingly.

Think it can't happen here? That's what they thought in 1930s Germany.

Regarding the information in the update above, the person following the man and child while holding a pistol in full view was most likely guilty of menacing, which in Oregon can be punished by spending a year in jail.

If the members of the Salem city council are too afraid of Salem cops to get rid of the nazis who are apparently in current control of the department, those council members should resign and let others take over who are courageous enough to do their job.

Demand the hierarchy of the SPD be fired.

Sorry, but the people wondering why SPD wasn't around when the Proud Boys took over a public park are the same ones that wondered where Miley Cyrus got off to every time Hannah Montana was onstage.

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