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May 11, 2021


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For what it’s worth, I believe City Manager, Steve Powers is a honest and sincere person. I don’t see how he can have 100% oversight over ever written word on paper or website.

Someone screwed up. That is clear. Something fell through the cracks. Getting to the bottom of that is a managerial issue. But blaming him is silly. Accusing him of lying is wrong. And now Brain and Tom want Mr Powers to throw somebody (a city employee working from home during a pandemic) under the bus!

Come on! This is too much.

Both councilor Tom Anderson and Brian Hines asked intelligent, relevant questions which, if answered truthfully, should reveal by who and why the "typo" was "corrected". Another question occurred to me while reading this article: isn 't it customary to begin a period, like the start of a permit or licensing period, on the first day of a month? It just seems odd to me that Salem Parks would start the season on the last day of the month rather than the 1st. Answer this question and here's yet another: why wouldn't permits be required during the month of May? Its certainly part of the Season.

In reply to Susann, this was a more than a "screw-up." The most plausible explanation for what happened is that when City staff saw the uproar on social media in the week before the Proud Boys rally on May 1 they realized they only had two choices: 1) enforce the permit requirement and tell the PBs they couldn't use the park, or 2) not enforce the requirement and be guilty of not doing their job. Two bad choices! So what did they do? In their clever, underhanded way, they just altered the website to remove the permit requirement on May 30th. Now they could say that there was no requirement, and it was "first-come, first-served." That worked well for them and for the SPD who didn't have to do anything on May 1 (I think the claim that 30 officers worked the event is a total lie). It didn't work so well for my friend Les Margosian who was menaced by armed Proud Boys, which is crime. He was bullied and terrorized and probably traumatized. There was also a reported assault. As I said, more than a "screw-up" for the victims of the Proud Boys that day.

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