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April 12, 2021


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Right on Brian. My guru Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns had this to say about traffic enforcement awhile back: "If we want to keep police officers safe, and we want to reduce the number of negative interactions with law enforcement, and we desire a country where rules matter, then we need to end the routine traffic stop. We need to approach traffic safety in a way that does not depend on law enforcement for routine matters but instead reserves those empowered with lethal force for truly deviant situations."

I remember an "accident" several decades ago when I was living in Manhattan Beach, California.

It happened in a nearby municipality, Redondo Beach I believe. There was a midnight police raid on a second-floor apartment. An officer who was not authorized to be in on the raid, who was not authorized to carry the automatic rifle he was carrying, and who was drunk, "accidentally" discharged the rifle.

The bullet went through the floor, through the ceiling of the apartment below, and into the skull of the young man who was walking his months-old infant, killing him instantly.

No consequences were ever imposed on the shooter.

on the Daunte Wright shooting. Fair reporting:


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