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March 14, 2021


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I asked the consultant if they have ever recommended reducing a police force in their recommendations. I haven't heard back.
This is a short summary of what works in reducing crime: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/science-says-these-police-tactics-reduce-crime/

What is the ratio of police officers to population that has to the lowest crime rates? Salem statistics suggest the correlation between number of officers and number of crimes is low. Studies have shown a correlation between low crime rates and more trees and parks. The city could spend $1million on 10 officers for a year or that same money to plant trees. The benefits of planting trees would last decades and may reduce crime more than adding a few officers for one year. Good libraries also correlate to lower crime rates.

Maybe we don't need as many police officers because the 'War on Drugs' is over. How many hours did the police spend arresting people for smoking pot? Where is the peace dividend?

I have heard that 30% of patrol officers' time is spent dealing with homeless and mental health/intoxication issues. Maybe we should reduce the police force by 20% and put that money into a Cahoots style program.

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