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March 07, 2021


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Thanks Brian for exposing the hypocrisy of Jesse Lippold who is running for reelection in May against another highly-qualified Latinx candidate, Karina Ortiz. Let's hope the voters make a better choice this time. Lippold is nothing but an Oregon Right to Life flunky, having taken 86% of his total campaign funding from them in 2017. And now he is worried about special interests. What a phony! He has also recently changed his registration from Republican to Non-Affiliated after having taken a junket to Mar-a-Lago last year where he posed for pictures with Donald Trump Jr. and other MAGA luminaries. He has no core beliefs or values and will shift with the wind to advance his political career. We need to end his career on May 18th.

I actually got to know Jesse recently because we went to school together, and he’s not a bad guy. People just like to write bad reviews. People are allowed to evolve and grow. This pandemic especially has made toll for that, and people’s values have significantly shifted for the most part. So instead of ranting slander based on opinions without merit, allow people to show you for themselves what they can do. When you’re first starting out (like Jesse was) you’re going to want to accept help from anyone you can to help you get your foot in the door, because any help counts in the beginning. Especially if you’re not betting on nepotism or some other related means to launch a career. When an opportunity or a yes comes your way, you’d probably take it too. So please don’t bash on people without getting to know them as individuals versus just as public figures because the media can be deceiving. And you don’t want to be one of the people who trash others because in the end you’re the only one who looks bad.

Lastly, Jesse is not a far right extremist. From my time getting to know him he was woke about social justice and diversity/equity/inclusion and he even offered support to some of his BIPOC classmates (in a predominantly white institution) which was nice to see. I will say I don’t know enough to say a whole lot about his personal political views or why he changed his affiliation. I will say he is very competitive but also charismatic and a good guy. This is coming from a Latinx person (myself). Have a good day.

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