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January 14, 2021


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I think you described it pretty well. The only really unconscionable thing would be if available doses were thrown away for immediate lack people to receive them. It’s right to prioritize, to the degree that it can be done without slowing down the overall effort to get most of the population immunized. Faster is better.
Down the road, there will probably be a more important problem with those who refuse to be vaccinated. What incentives will be appropriate? Can employers require their employees to be vaccinated? Can service agencies require that their clients be vaccinated? What about businesses like restaurants and salons? I’d feel a lot better going to a movie theater if I know that it requires customers and employees to be vaccinated. Heck, I’d even be willing to pay a little more for that!

I appreciate your honesty. You lucked out, and I’m glad you’re protected, but it was shady. What if everyone did what you did - just rush to the fairgrounds? You played by your own rules.

...and what role did your middle-class white privilege play? How much more likely would a brown or black person get away with what you did? Even to get in line, knowingly when it’s not your turn, is a level of impudence that likely originated from your privilege.

I have a black friend who went to the fairgrounds and got a vaccination last week, and she was only 48 years old with no health problems. Don’t think your comment holds up.

I’m glad your friend got it. My comment was based on the undeniable fact that blacks on average receive poorer healthcare and have poorer health outcomes than whites even when accounting for social class.

Blacks are also disproportionately suffering from the coronavirus, so if race winds up not mattering in receiving vaccines, I’m happy to be wrong.

So maybe this explains it: Perhaps people who went to the fairgrounds knowing that it wasn’t their turn but hoping to get a vaccine anyway just think they’re more special than others.

And what are the chances that a white person, reading this white dude’s blog, and who lives in Salem has a black friend!!! ;) Perhaps not so unlikely it seems.

Seems pretty unethical to me.

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