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January 28, 2021


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If any of our "first responders" attend this event they will almost surely be violating the latest Covid restrictions for indoor gatherings in Marion County -- no more than six persons, masked and distanced, at an in-person gathering. They will be committing a Class C misdemeanor. We know Kropf won't be masked.

Thank you for posting this! This reminds me of a the Civil War. These people are the Confederates. Very frightening.

It's indoors in an "airplane hangar" according to Mr. Kropf. So the limit is six.

"It's indoors in an "airplane hangar . . ."

Hmmm, the Salem airport is owned by the city. Entrance onto the flight line and hangar area is strictly controlled. Are we going to see a miniature version of the felonious Jan. 6 DC rampage?

Free country ( as of today)
Go, or don't.
I am ok with you staying home...... Perhaps concentrate on your "word of the day" That is what our government has the team allocating the vaccine do...

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