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December 23, 2020


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The following is dark. Certainly some of it is false or an exaggeration. I appreciate those who promote positivity but it is time to be brutally honest.

Numerous existential threats will only get worse. The current rise in the stock market demonstrates the disconnect between wall street and main street. The poor and much of the middle class are becoming increasingly disenfranchised. People will be fed because hungry people pose too great of a threat to stability and corporate farms depend on predictable markets.

Economic exploitation of the effects of the virus are inevitable and the neo-liberals will take only enough appropriate actions necessary to protect themselves politically. The rich will become richer and the rest will become increasingly subservient. The neo-cons and neo-liberals will compete for the carrion.

Since Reagan's obliteration of anti-trust laws, monopolies such as Amazon and Google have been given free rein. Increasing efficiencies will lower the need for labor and humans will continue to lose opportunities to enjoy work that gives them a sense of self worth. Unemployment numbers will continue to present false pictures by excluding those who have given up. Racial and geographic disparities will be exposed in only the most limited of fashions. With few exceptions, the media's primary purpose will increasing become the maximization of profit and/or their own survival.

Great ideas abound but unless government can become sufficiently representative and free of conflicts of interest, there can be no meaningful progress. Collaborative bodies made of up of reasonably objective professionals are required.

Human beings, even though they enjoy the potential advantages that the neo-cortex allows, only react to threats when they become undeniably imminent. The courage and enthusiasm that young people now demonstrate reminds me of the people that I grew up with in the 60's who realized that the time to act was "now". The drive to survive is the most fundamental of behaviors. We have the knowledge, tools, and ability to recover and to thrive.

It is not time to give up but we are on the cusp of profound social deterioration and irremediable environmental disasters.

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