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November 10, 2020


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Co-conspirators Barr, Pompeo, Giuliani, and others are making what seems to be a futile attempt to compel ethics-free Republican legislators in state governments to redirect electoral votes. Unless the matter goes to the Supremes and they are willing to compromise themselves to an extent that defies rational explanation, the effort will go nowhere.

The Hail Mary pass here is the realization of Pompeo's Christian fundamentalist fantasy of an attack on Iran, followed by whatever justification for continuing Trump's rule that they can invent.

Fascist rulers in other countries, historically, when cornered, revert to war. Citizens always back up leaders during warfare and the US would not be an exception.

Trump has been responsible for the needless deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. Why would anyone think that Americans would have a problem with the slaying of hundreds of thousands or millions of people that they label "infidels"?

For four long years now, Trump has been dreaming of parading down Pennsylvania Avenue on January 20th, standing up in the back of an open touring car, with his right arm held out in a stiff salute above the heads of rank upon rank of his gun-toting, brownshirted goons clearing the way ahead of him.

But that’s not gonna happen; unfortunately for him, Secret Service agents will drag him unceremoniously from the White House to the street, where a bunch of New York prosecutors, armed with multiple criminal indictments, will take over from there.

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