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October 22, 2020


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President Trump MOPPED THE FLOOR with feeble Uncle Joe (Who's movin kinda slow) Hiden Biden.
>"I think that Biden won the debate for the same reason he won the previous debate. Trump can't stop being Trump."<
The reason President Trump won the debate is is because he won't stop being President Trump.
Unlike Crooked Joe Hiden Biden, that bends any way the ultra liberal wind blows.
I particularly enjoyed the excellent commentary of President Trump about Sleepy Joe's launch into a speech about "Common folk, setting around the kitchen table".
Enough canned "speeches" already!!! The WORST president in the history of our country, B. Obama gave speech after worthless speech; WHO CARES??!!!
America needs continued leadership! NOT worthless, self promoting, swamp dwelling, speach babblers!
GREAT JOB, President Trump!!

Ah, good 'ol Joe, clean as a whistle, always putting America first. Read and weep leftists, or progressives or democrats or whatever you call yourselves. The fun is just beginning!!


Joe is looking bad but the media is covering it up until it pops like a loaded zit..


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