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October 02, 2020


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"What won't change with time is the primacy of reality. It always wins out in the end. Always. "
So true. So VERY true.
The reality is; liberalism is a mental disorder.
It is a SERIOUS mental disorder.
It's core tenants are the farthest thing from reality.
It leads the afflicted into bouts of self loathing, self hatred, feelings of guilt for ones hard won successes and sadly , guilt for even being born.
You're right. Reality will always win. Nature always wins.
This is why, all the way through recorded history,cockamamie liberalism ALWAYS FAILS!
Thank you for pointing this out.

Blogger stated: "Trump and others in his administration have a strong bias against reality. They believe that if a lie is repeated often enough and strongly enough, many people will believe it."

--This is especially ironic because the blog host derives much of his political information and opinion from news sources who do PRECISELY that.

For a person who practices discerning BS from reality in his blog writings, and not so subtly considers himself highly skilled in this regard, he has been very easily and thoroughly duped.

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