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September 27, 2020


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Such asinine comments from those most likely without the slightest inkling about running businessses.
And you quoted Pocahontas?

What seems to me to be the most damaging revelation in the Times exposé is Trump's payments totaling $747,622 to Ivanka, written off by him as "consulting fees" for Ivanka's "consulting" with him about the same businesses that she was being paid a salary to manage for him.

That's called tax fraud, and it's a federal felony.

No wonder he's so desperate to cling to the presidency, It's the only thing standing between him and prison. Well, that and the now totally corrupted supreme court.

Donald Trump's accountants prepare and file his taxes.
Those tax filings, just like everyone elses are are carefully processed by the IRS.
Unlike most of us, Trump's filings are of such a magnitude that an audit is commenced regularly.
If YOU have a gripe with anything related to President Trumps tax filings, your issue is with the IRS NOT President Trump.
Cockamamie liberals are always wanting to see the tax filings. Why???
Do they think that they know more about tax law than the IRS???!!!
IF there was something wrong with President Trump's tax status, we would know.
But year after year Trump files his taxes and they are accepted and approved.
If you can't deal with that, submit a job application to the IRS since you know SO MUCH more than the current IRS agents.
You know what is REALLY bugging cockamamie liberals?
Answer: NONE of them have ever signed the FRONT of a paycheck, ONLY the back of them
If Trump paid only $750.00; that proves how much smarter he is than liberal, extreme followers.
Get a life!

I agree that issues such as the cost of hair styling are petty. Not only that, but I think that the stylist may have been underpaid. Talk about a challenge!

One significant matter that seems particularly important is the payments to his daughter that amounted to almost $800K. There seem to be legitimate concerns about violations of laws pertaining to gifting, which any reasonable person would recognize as the real explanation for the transfers instead of the of the offered explanation of consultancy payments.

There also seems to be agreement that he is more than $400 million in debt. The concerns about how this debt might have compromised his role, especially where foreign governments or agents are concerned, is an attention getter. If true, it would help to explain many of his actions.

Hey Skyline --

If you had read the N Y Times article, you would have known that Trump has utilized many different tactics over a whole lot of years, including court battles that he initiates, to put off any day of reckoning with the IRS. His tax returns have never yet been "accepted and approved." Far from it. His constant twisting and squirming has produced many delays that he so desperately needs to keep up the pretense that he is some kind of bushiness whiz, when in fact he's a corrupt, dishonest con man and a major failure in business This is shown by the fact that he owes hundreds of millions in personally guaranteed loans that he can never repay, as they amount to more than all his assets are worth. Those debts will be coming due over the next four years, and he's got no way at all to pay them.

But yeah, he's a "stable genius" all right --

p.s. The NY Times article is number one in a series. More revelations of corruption and incompetence coming! And be assured, the Times has legions of fact checkers, tax experts and lawyers checking every word that they publish on this matter.

Hey Jack Holloway-
We're finally hot on the trail with Bigfoot.
Oh, Yeah! There is no escaping now!
He (or she) is finally within range of unmasking!
And speaking of unmasking, Jack; don't you miss Portland Wrestling?
If only the referee didn't consistently miss all of those illegal karate thumbs to the throat!!!!
But it was real! It was real!!!

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