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September 02, 2020


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So you would prefer copper jacketed lead bullets?

It sounds like the woman who is suing and the woman who was reportedly hit with the brick might be the same person. The report of the injury being caused by another protester throwing a brick might be a cover-up for police misconduct.

or, it might simply be confusion, where the facts weren't known at the time of the reporting. Chief Moore is a man of the highest integrity, and I don't believe for a second that he would knowingly withhold or misreport information to the City Council.

M, it's difficult to imagine that the cause of this was "confusion." Consider this:

The officer who fired the rubber bullets at Eleaqia McCrae had to aim at her before pulling the trigger. By her account she wasn't doing anything wrong at the time, just protesting. Regardless, the officer decided to single out a Black woman to be shot with rubber bullets.

In stories about the Portland protests, I've heard that officers are not supposed to aim for the head with non-lethal munitions. But McCrae was shot in the eye. So this either was purposeful, or the officer is a lousy shot. The other rubber bullet hit her in the chest.

McCrae fell down unconscious after being shot in the eye. Wouldn't you think that the officer would notice this and go over to her, checking to see if she was OK? After all, the officer knew that he (assuming the officer was a man) had caused her injury. And wouldn't you also think that the officer would report this injury to his superiors?

But that didn't happen. Which is why it looks like a cover-up by Chief Moore, the officer, or both.

Why should we believe her account that she wasn't doing anything wrong, any more than we should believe the police accounts? I'm not saying she was doing anything wrong, I'm not saying she wasn't. I'm just saying that it's premature to fault the police when we just don't know all of the facts. Let the lawsuit resolve the issue, then we can assign blame where it is due.

And furthermore, a cursory Google search on "accuracy of rubber bullets" indicates that they're tremendously inaccurate, and so I highly doubt that an officer purposefully aimed at her head, or that he was a "lousy shot". I'll readily admit I know nothing about rubber bullets beyond what I've read via Google search, but it appears they're designed to be shot at the ground and bounced into the crowd to disperse people. While Ms. McCrae may not have been doing anything wrong, it's entirely possible that those around her were engaged in violent actions that warranted SPD's response. Or maybe not. Again, let the lawsuit flesh all that out before resorting to these types of irresponsible accusations that you often espouse.

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