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September 17, 2020


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I agree with you 100% Brian. As for public comment, there will be a webinar on September 29th at 11 am on Zoom to hear about the plan and to allow for everyone's comments. We need many people to participate and say what you are saying about how reducing GHG emissions must be the overarching goal of Our Salem.

"When someone said something that was TOTALLY ridiculous he would say:
"Not only is this NOT right; It's not even wrong". Walter Lewin
This describes this post in it's entirety:

I agree that the report has lots of "happy talk" without a sense of prioritization. I also agree that cutting GHG emission should be the top priority. The fact is, though, that the conversation of a significant quantity of commercial space to mixed use is a bigger deal than people recognize. In fact, creating mixed use space and more land-use flexibility (so that services and consumers are physically closer together) is the biggest GHG reduction tool in the land use policy toolkit. Unfortunately, the Breakfast on Bikes author did not recognize that point. He also skipped over the significant increase in multi-family zoning.

As for converting from stroads to boulevards, I agree. What's missing from Breakfast on Bike's critique is that the city has approved and partially funded a plan to do just that in Commercial. It's called the Vista-Commercial Corridor project. It includes wide sidewalks, buffered bike lanes in both direction, a new signalized pedestrian crosswalk and a dedicated bike signal where Commercial and Liberty spilt.

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