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September 21, 2020


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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Mountain West Investment Corporation for giving back to our community in ways that will make a meaningful difference!
Keep up the good work!

I don't understand what the concern is. Salem government exists for the primary purpose of promoting and accommodating the work of real estate companies. Why would they not be allowed to select individuals that work for or serve the city?

This is consistent with the neo-liberal trend towards oligopoly. If those with extreme wealth are unable to express their power in overwhelming ways, what good is it?

You hit a home run there, Kurt!
Ha Ha Ha Ha

You set a high bar for sarcasm when you thanked Mountain West "for giving back to our community". The refusal to build the Lone Oak bridge was a telling act, not an aberration.

Neo-liberalism became a thing subsequent to the Reagan administration's destruction of anti-trust laws. This helped enable wealthy members of both parties to amass wealth and that led to acceptance of the deterioration of representative government and to the holy grail of special interest power - Citizen's United.

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