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September 30, 2020


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When you lie about someone, he gets his back up. You hit Trump. He hits back.
The chump Biden starts out calling him a xenophobe and a racist for banning travel from China on Jan. 30
which turned out to be a good move that saved many lives.
What? Trump is supposed to take that?
Well, we can't blame the hollow Biden. He's just doing his handlers' bidding.
Following instructions as best his feeble mind can.
Biden looked weak, old and low energy especially compared to Trump.
Biden is as vital as a worn limp dishrag. Gray and used up. Vacuous.
You want him up against the shrewd and ruthless Chinese?
Biden is not strong enough for the job. Someone else will be running the show.
Biden did not support Law and Order.
He could not name any law enforcement or police organizations that support him.
That's because he will not denounce the filthy scum ransacking our cities.
Without law and order you have no society. Just chieftains at best. Chaos at worst.
He's a stooge for far leftist extremists that have taken over the Democrat Party who want to impose their statist agenda upon the country, a massive transfer of wealth into their hands, for their control.
Biden has never stood for anything except for which way the political winds blow.
He'd quote Ronald Reagan if it would serve his political ambitions.
He's a hollow man being further hollowed by dementia and being led by a leash held by those who would undermine the values and principles upon which this country was founded.
A vote for Biden is not a vote for Biden. Nobody is voting FOR him.
It is a vote against Trump, and all Trump wants is for our country to prosper to remain free.
If Biden were to win, think what you'd get... nothing. A hollow man directed by others whose motivations are power and control at the expense of our loss of freedom. They already control how you think because they control the media. You want to give them everything?

Congratulations to voters!
Voters got to see Biden's reaction to having actual hard questions asked for the first time.
NOT the ultra left, in the tank, "Joe; what is your favorite color" type of questions.
The result?
He looked like he had just crawled out of the wring with Mike Tyson.
Weak, weak, weak!
GOOD JOB, President Trump!!!

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