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August 31, 2020


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This election is nothing more than a choice between fascism and a semblance of a constitutionally based representative government. I choose the latter.

Fascism never works and its supporters, if successful, will eventually have more egg on their face than members of the Silent Majority after the Saturday Night Massacre and the Watergate Affair.

Fascism depends on war to compensate for the inevitable deterioration of its popularity. The spread of the 1918 epidemic was largely the result of troop movements during WW1.

"How can you go along with the attacks on American democracy that Trump is engaged in?"
Is THIS your "important" question?
Ummmmm, can we agree that this is just slightly a leading question??!!!
Here is a question for Brian:
Since we all know and agree that Jesus Christ, the son of God came to earth to forgive us of our sins, will return some day and will bring all of this madness to an end; how can cockamamie liberals even consider atheism?
Fair question; right?
I'm glad YOU set the rules......

Skyline's proposition is that it is ridiculous to not hold the same religious beliefs as he holds because the core doctrine is that the revered figure "will bring all of this madness to an end" and you can only save yourself if you adopt his viewpoint.

Just like fundamentalist counterparts in other religions, death is presented in a favorable light to those who are "saved" (heaven). There are atheists that are afraid of death and religious people that are afraid of death. No free passes. The use of fear by religion is used as a marketing ploy, just as it is in the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry, and political consultant offices everywhere.

Using the promise of a "heaven" to justify giving up is a cowardly and dangerous tendency. A more positive and popular notion is that people have the ability to influence their fates.

Many truly religious people see Trump for the hypocrite that he so obviously is. There is still time to save yourself, Skyline.

Two questions:

1. How can Trump's groupies justify the wholesale violations of the ninth commandment by Trump, Pence and others in that vile stew of MAGA-hat wearers?

2. Trump's initial step in eliminating Social Security (defunding it by ending the payroll tax) took place yesterday. Social Security officials say that once the next two steps are completed, Social Security benefits will be seriously reduced next year, and will end altogether sometime in 2023. Granny's not gonna like that!

So, will you miss your monthly checks? Once they're gone, who ya gonna blame . . ?

The pop philosopher and decades long user of amphetamines, Ayn Rand, has been used by so-called Conservatives and Libertarians to justify their support for unfettered Capitalism. Her positions on business rights and government power were shaped in Crimea, where her father's business was seized by the White Army (Commies).

Virtually all other positions she advocated for (including atheism and the right to choose) are the antithesis of what self described Conservatives believe in. She denounced libertarianism, which she associated with anarchism

In 1976, she enrolled in Social Security and Medicare.

The reason Trumpies and Republicans in general don't worry about voting is that they have gerrymeandered the states that they need to win in the electoral college........not the popular vote because Clinton got that in 2016. Republicans try to restrict voting in areas that are heavily minority because most of those people will vote for the Dems. As long as the Republcians can retain power voting and stealing the vote is all they care about. I think there should be lawn signs all over our country that say "Vote as if it's the last time........because it could be." If Trump gets reelected, I don't think what left of our democracy will survive. Here's another yard sign,"If you want Putin as President, Vote for Trump."

Here's a link to an article addressing some of the voting issues raised in this post. It's not long...


I've got a question for Biden supporters.. Is he honest?


You decide.

Trump is attacking vote by mail. Yeah, what's that all about? I've never done mail-in voting before. Do I mail them in all at once or do I space them out over a few days?

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