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August 25, 2020


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Salem is no longer a “Tree City” in my opinion. Very arrogant and out of touch Fernandez believes Salem is his personal fiefdom and cuts trees, permits be damned.
Yet trees that are a danger in neighborhoods are ignored even after regularly being reported as a hazard by residents. In the 1400 block of Madrona Avenue there are Bradford Pear trees that have been trimmed by power line companies into dangerous hazards. Long heavy limbs hanging over pedestrian sidewalks and traffic lanes. Parts of limbs have fallen in yards and across sidewalks and yet public works have done nothing to mitigate the hazard. Someone will have to be severely injured, die or major property damage will have to be done before it gets attention.
Fernandez needs to go. He is not doing the job he was paid to do.

The Manager states that the Director has a right to approve removal. That does not mean that a timely permit was not required [SRC 86.050(a)(1)]. I am not an attorney, but I am pretty sure that, generally speaking, decisions that can be appealed preclude actions taken prior to the final decision.

SRC 86.120
(c) Civil penalty. Any person who fails to comply with the requirements of this chapter, or the terms of a permit issued hereunder; who undertakes an activity regulated by this chapter without first obtaining a permit; or who fails to comply with a stop work order issued pursuant to this chapter, shall be subject to a civil penalty.
(1) Unauthorized City tree removal shall be subject to a civil penalty not to exceed
$2,000.00 per violation in addition to the value of the tree as calculated
in accordance with applicable administrative rules (or in the absence of
administrative rules, in accordance with the most current edition of Council of
Tree and Landscape Appraisers "Guide for Plant Appraisal").

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