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July 21, 2020


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I'd venture a guess that those vandals are in fact agents provocateur -- Trump supporters hired to discredit the real demonstrators. Happens all the time, all over the world, whenever fascist dictators or would-be dictators are in power but are afraid of losing that power.

"Dudes, what's the fucking point of doing that?!"
You will have to ask the deep pocketed ultra-liberal puppeteers that pay these professional rioter's wages.
When I read on the Daily Dead Fish Wrapper that the feds were throwing them in unmarked vans I assume they are going to interrogate and track down the liberal terrorist(s) funding this.

"On the nightly news in Portland I've seen Black leaders pleading to protesters to stop damaging property in downtown Portland because this isn't helping the Black Lives Matter cause."
Only the most extreme of extreme followers (liberals) would believe any of this has to do with right or wrong at this point.
The Ultra liberal indoctrination in our public schools and our "in the bag" liberal media's nonsense is coming to roost.

And now it looks like Panzy-Boy Ted Wheeler is getting blow-back from his own side.
Glad to see Hardesty and President Trump on the same side:

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