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July 05, 2020


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I think everyone on the Salem Police Force, Chief included need to step back, take a deep breathe and remember they are here to protect and SERVE. Not become warriors against their own citizens. Salem was not being invaded by China.........I've had several encounters with Salem police over the years and what was supposed to be asking a question or some other benign incident, I got an "attitude" and bulging testosterone........way over the top for the situation and this was several years ago. Sorry to see that nothing has changed. The police need to read an article written by James Stavridis, who was the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, called "The Police Need to Learn About Soft Power." It's in Time magazine, July 6/July 13. The City Council needs to ban the acquisition of any more military style equipment and we need to have strict guidelines on when they gear up for "deployment." Our police department tear gases people at the drop of a hat yet totally ignores (when I called) illegal projectile fireworks that could cause a fire.............they need to get their priorities straight.

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