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June 16, 2020


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Well, keep in mind that thousands of psychologists and psychiatrists have agreed that Trump exhibits the mental and emotional levels of a fourth-grader.

As tiring as all of the Trump bashing is...
...It's a refreshing break from the global warming nonsense.

Last night's episode of Frontline (on PBS) clearly showed how the handling of the virus could have been much better. The loyalty of true believers that watched it would be tested, assuming that they have respect for the value of human life.

Race war is the holy grail of white supremacists. Based on recent events like the lynchings, the shooting of a BLM protester, cars driven into protesters, the attack in Ohio, and what seems like an attempt to ignite the base in Tulsa, I would advise protesters to show restraint if something very bad happens, as seems likely.

The rat is cornered and dangerous. He may even be scaring his less dedicated minions. Recently, I noticed that a couple of them changed their FB posts from crazy to "can't we all just get along".

Slow and steady wins the race.

Trump says something dumb. Well, here is the alternative in November:


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