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June 20, 2020


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I agree with you Brian about SROs. If you really listen to the students protesting them, as I have on several occasions, they are desperate to see the SROs gone. They have been speaking out for years about this with no response or even acknowledgement. The SROs are doing harm every day we let them remain in the schools. The guest opinion in the SJ today by a former SRO was interesting where he casually talked about arresting children in our schools. That needs to end and it needs to end now.

When 6th grade was moved to Middle school in Salem, I am aware of a boy and girl caught hugging on the playground.
There were rules in place for such unbelievably violent, criminal activity such as hugging at that particular school, so, a note was sent home to the children's parents.
The girl's parents contacted the SRO the next day about pressing charges against the boy.
The case was referred to juvenile authorities.
The children were not allowed to ever have contact of any sort again.
It took the boy's parents 6 months to get the record expunged.
How were the children served?
What did they learn about conflict resolution?
This is one example of the complete breakdown and failure of our schools.
I blame failing liberal policy. Like most if not all liberal (solutions) there are never practical useful outcomes.

Sounds more like a pair of uptight, right-wing parents to me -- the girl's parents, that is.

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