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June 14, 2020


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"Brentano isn't in charge of Oregon. Governor Kate Brown is. "
Actually, neither one is. THE PEOPLE are in charge.
But you know what they both have in common?
Kockamamie Kate rates 5th from the bottom in the U.S. for voter approval:
Neither one of them cares a whit about what anyone other than their teeny-tiny little cliques say.
Why oh why can't Oregon put forth and install good leadership?
I can't wait till both of them are "down the road" and in our rear view mirror.

Keep in mind while mulling over these revelations, that increased infection counts are always about two weeks behind the reality.

Infected individuals show no symptoms for two weeks or so, during which they are nevertheless contagious. That's why the increase in infections seems in many areas to be exponential -- one person infects, on average, two others, who then infect four others, who then, etc . . .

I realize that the arithmetic is too difficult for the Brentanos among us to puzzle through. Just realize that several Asian countries have demonstrated the way to beat the virus, and if we want to do so as well, we would do well to emulate their successes.

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