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June 12, 2020


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How about spending MORE for cops. Better training, better screening, better salaries will produce better professionals and fewer overreactions and bad behavior as by the Minneapolis cop and his rookie assistants who had a bad actor on their hands: https://greatgameindia.com/george-floyd-criminal/

“Since students are leading the call to do away with school resource officers, and those officers supposedly are there to serve students, it makes sense to end that program.”

Since when do we let MINORS dictate public policy? As adults we could be making policies that we know are best for children and adolescents.

This is such an unbelievably bad idea. In an age of school violence I’m shocked that this would even be thinkable.

An Enlightening Read

The history of policing in the United States began in the early 1600s, and from the very beginning was deliberately mired in corruption and brutality, on behalf of the economic elite and against the mass of those with lesser means.

From that time, and up until this day, many different kinds of attempts have been made to clean up policing and police departments in the US, and every one of them has failed.

Should you doubt this, I urge you to read “The History of Policing in the United States,” by Dr. Gary Potter, professor of Justice Studies at Eastern Kentucky University. All-encompassing and richly sourced, (many books and papers are listed in the footnotes) this shocking eye-opener will convince anyone who reads with an open mind that, with VERY FEW exceptions, policing in the US is, and always has been, arrayed violently against racial and religious minorities, immigrants and lower-paid workers, on behalf of corrupt, venal and evil economic “elites.”


"There's no reason to morally elevate police over other professions that also are important to society...... in this country."
A good example of this is when an officer dies while on duty and I-5 is tied up with 5 miles of gas guzzling police cars in a caravan with all of their lights flashing on the way to the funeral at 5 MPH.
This should be outlawed.
It would be interesting to know how much money and pollution would be saved by this RIDICULOUS tradition.
Police officers are important, but NO MORE important than the PGE guy out there in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain, getting our lights back on, the E.R. surgeon and staff saving lives, etc....
Train and pay police well. But project their position in our society more realistically, please.

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