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May 31, 2020


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I understand the anger and pain but in the eye of the public. The protester have lost all credibility, and have destroyed the lives of innocent people struggling to get their lives back after covid. It's disgusting and appalling and the sad part is 10 yrs from now the only thing people will remember is the riots. So much for change they blew their chance!!

We need a new African American leader like Martin Luther King as well as a decent Caucasian leader to lead peaceful protests. They will need to be charismatic. We do need symbols like the flower power, but the taking the knee is also a way to show a peaceful protest, or maybe a return to “sit ins” only outside with distancing. Then the looters and violent people would stand out and be dealt with separately. Sometimes after the violence is over, we find that paid instigators were part of it. (PS Great article by Binford-Ross)

No one knows who is instigating the violence at protests that have been described as peaceful. In this case, they were described as "a few."

Violence, looting, destroying private and public property is unacceptable. A police officer holding his knee on a man's throat for over 8 minutes is disgusting and appalling and unacceptable.

A father and son chasing down and killing a man is disgusting and appalling.

I could go on but I want to say, we all get to choose how to react to this. What will your part be? And we can choose what we will remember in 10 years. If we focus our attention on only one thing, that's all we'll see. I choose to support peaceful protests, justice for black Americans and legislation that fixes structural racism.

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